Coach Baffoe Applauds Team's Performance
By Prince J.C. Morris ( pmorris@selnanews.com )

Harper, Maryland County-The Coach of Maryland County Male Soccer team, Mr. Emmanuel Baffoe, has praised the team for its performance in the just-ended National County meet. In an interview with SELNA news team, Coach Baffoe said Maryland County team set a benchmark in the just ended National County meet by qualifying to the grand finale with Montserrado County.

"It is our expectation that the team will keep compacted in order to capture the 2017/2018 National County meet title," stated Coach Baffoe, adding "we need to conduct advanced trainings for coaches in Maryland County which will enhance their skills to train teams all over Maryland, especially in goal scoring techniques," reminded the tactical coach.

Mr. Baffoe expressed appreciations to theĀ  county authority, private entities and individuals who supported the team during the tournament, and called for continuous support to the team to enable them keep up the momentum. ''If the county authority intends to retain or change the current technical staff on the team, they should do that as early as possible for early preparation which will spun better results," Coach Baffoe concluded.

Coach Baffoe added that the local LFA League needs to be played regularly, and since the teams are facing financial problems, he is recommending to the County to subsidize the Maryland teams that are participatingĀ in the 3rd division league. Currently, there are 12 teams in the 3rd division league in Maryland County, including: Tycoon F.C; Great Atina F.C; Supreme Stars FC; Powerful Klanweh; Trinity F.C; Lake Shepherd F.C; Fulani F.C; African Star F.C; Danish Young Stars (DYS); Jesus Black Stars; Jacqi F.C, and Future Lonestar F.C.

Maryland played a total of eight games and scored merely nine goals, bringing the total average goal per game to 1.125, which was not impressive, according to the team's coach. The 1956 champions went down to Montserrado County in penalty shootout after both teams failed to exceed their 1-1 tie in a full 120 minutes encounter at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia.

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