UREY Attempts Fight with Former Party’s Leader of Grand Kru
By Meshach V. Neufville

Harper, Maryland County - The age-old adage in Liberia, "when things chakla, everything smells”, has crept in the ALP Party of Benoni Urey with the political leader last  dragging  his former Party’s  local Chairman, James Weedor, to the Harper police station.

The drama which attracted large number of Harper inhabitants is reported to have begun when the ALP national political leader visited Grand Kru County on his voter registration campaign and came to be told by his party’s new local Chairman that Mr. Weedor had refused to turn over the party’s paraphernalia after latter.

According to report, upon this revelation, the former political ally of the war crime prisoner Taylor, Ben Urey, turned furious and instantly included Harper in his unplanned travel schedule to seek the arrest of Weedor who shuttles between Barclayville and Harper as student of Tubman University. The intensity of Mr. Urey’s fury aroused when he was told that Mr. Weedor was reportedly using the Party’s TVS motorbike for pre-campaign services for Brumskine’s Liberty Party.

The report furthers that Mr. Urey, without regard for the police chain of arrest upon hearing the complaint, reportedly hired two PSU officers in Barclayville to liaise with the CID in Harper to facilitate the arrest of Weedor on criminal charges.

It is reported that when Weedor was arrested by the CID, he was turned over to the Behwen Police Station in Grand Kru County for investigation on allegation that the dismissed chairman of the party in Grand Kru had refused to turn over a motor bike, computer, printer, among others, that were entrusted to him during his tenure as the party leader in the county.

For his part when interviewed, Mr. Weedor accepted being in possession of the motor bike, but not the other items as Mr. Urey Claimed, adding The ALP leader apparently attempted a fist fight with him at the station. He categorically denied being dismissed by the party, but rather stating that he resigned pointing to reason that his decision was based on Mr. Urey’s perpetual habit of twisting the party’s rule base to his interest and frequently excising one man rule in the   party to his interest.  Mr. Weedor furthered that before joining the Liberty Party, he was not aware of Mr. Urey being the founder of the party, adding that he only knew Mr. Lomax as the founder.

The matter was laid to rest, according to report, when Mr. Weedor under bond from Maryland County police detachment, finally returned all equipment and properties to Mr. Urey  at the Behwen Police Station verified by documents in possession of SELNA.

It can be recalled that Mr. Weedor was one of the ardent and over-zealous members of the ALP in Grand Kru County when the party was introduced in the southeastern region arousing to the apex of leadership as chairman of the party.

Earlier he was noted to have gone on record pre-campaigning and declaring Benoni Urey as the only presidential aspirant who was qualified to lead Liberia after Madam Ellen Johnson -Sirleaf incumbency. Ironically,  what surprised most people was his cross- over to Liberty Party with a new tone towards his former political leader, Urey, as rule breaker, and not the founder of the party, when he was earlier  on record for having told many southeasterners that the former would introduce constitutional rule  in Liberia when elected in 2017. 

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